Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 1 ltr


Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the fresh white flesh of high-quality Coconuts. The creamy white portion of the coconut is separated through a series of steps at low temperatures. An old-fashioned cold press method is then used to distill the oil into traditional wooden Ghani, without the application of heat so as to retain the richest extract. This organic and full of nutrients oil is exceptionally super-quality with a subtle sweet flavor.

This multi-purpose oil can be applied to the hair or used for body-massages. Its nourishing and conditioning qualities boost your hair growth and add a natural shine to the lengths.

A regular massage will do wonders for your skin health and muscle tissues too!

Not to forget, it is edible.

Our oil comes in eco-friendly packaging.

GS1 Barcode Number: 8908017467033

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Cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil; organic and environment friendly.

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Dimensions 11.7 × 12 × 17.7 cm


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